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Marine Polo HV Grover Schabracke Schwarz Y4PwnqRa

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Optimieren Sie Ihren Lernstil

Updated:September 20, 2018
Bryce Welker, CPA
Erkennen Sie Ihren Lernstil ist von entscheidenden Bedeutung, wenn für den richtigen CPA-Prüfung Vorbereitungskurs suchen!

Die Schüler lernen durch viele Möglichkeiten, aber es ist in der Regel eine Technik, die sie auf die meisten beziehen können.

Die drei Hauptkategorien des Lernens Visuelle, Hör-, und Tactile. Die Forschung zeigt, dass die Schüler eine bessere Leistung auf Tests und mehr Wissen behalten, wenn ihre Lerngewohnheiten ausgerichtet sind, mit ihren eigenen persönlichen Lernstile.

Identifizieren Sie, welche Merkmale unten an Sie beziehen sich die meisten Ihrer eigenen Lernstil zu identifizieren. People who learn best through seeing things. A visual learner: Visuelle Lerntypen werden lernen, am besten mit:
  1. Roger CPA Review – Roger Phillip ist gut, wie sie kommen, wenn es um eingreifenden Video-Content kommt.
  2. Surgent CPA Review – kürzere, Bit-Größe Video-Vorlesungen machen Beibehaltung einfacher und Studium besser verwaltbare.

Auditory Lernenden

Menschen, die am besten durch Hören Dinge. Ein Gehör Lerner: Auditory Lernenden lernen am besten mit:
  1. Roger CPA Review is taught by the most energetic and lively instructor who really knows how to connect with his students through his engaging voice.
  2. Abiballkleider Charmant Trumpet Lang Minze Damen Kleider Abschlussballkleider Steine Traegerlos Jugendweihe Abendkleider Gruen rqOYwqUxF. Hat einen großen Audio-Vorbereitungskurs, so können Sie die Vorträge zu hören, wann immer es zweckmäßig ist,.

taktil (Erfahrung) Die Lernenden

Menschen, die am besten lernen, indem sie die Dinge durch einen praktischen Ansatz zu tun. Ein taktiler Lerner: Tactile learners will learn best with:
Kleid 31312040 Fred Damen Grau Kurtzes Perry q6Szv

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8 Bemerkungen
  • Sherell Bullard
    Posted at 8 Januar, 2015 01:56 AM Reply

    I love this post!!! I'm definitely a Visual & Auditory Learner.

  • Zach
    Posted at 10 Dezember, 2014 23:03 PM Reply

    Es war schon 10 years since I graduated with my Accounting degree and now I'm interested in a review course and taking the CPA. jedoch, on the learning styles, I have a little bit of everything. Any suggestions for someone who's been out of the loop for 10 years on which course to take? I watched a little bit of Yeager and it almost made me sleep. From your suggestions I think CPA excel is probably the best, but will I be able to learn everything again from scratch?

    • BWelk
      Langes Damen FPD5140 Kleid PUGLISI Fantasie FAUSTO anqIERw Posted at 11 Dezember, 2014 15:16 PM Reply

      Ya I would definitely go with CPAexcel if you can't handle the Yaeger lectures. It's a great all around course no matter what stage your at in school or with your career and will teach you everything you probably forget since then.Cheers,Bryce

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  • Schwarz Grover Polo HV Schabracke Marine Laura
    Posted at 17 Oktober, 2013 03:47 AM Reply

    Ugh, I think I have characteristics of both Visual and Experience Learners, and I am torn between CPAexcel and Yaeger! Two totally different styles, both would benefit me in some way or another. I get bored easily and my mind drifts if I sit too long, so I thought CPAexcel would be good for me. Andererseits, I'm not a good memorizer and I have to thoroughly understand a concept in order to test well, so I thought Yaeger would be better for that. In jedem Fall, it's a lot of money to spend so I want to make sure I make the right choice. Do you have a recommendation for me? Thanks!

    • Bryce
      Posted at 17 Oktober, 2013 04:13 AM Reply

      Hi Laura,My recommendation would be to download a free 2 week trial of CPAexcel, you can find that link on .You should be able to get a much better feel during that time is CPaexcel's thorough enough for you. If not, then Yaeger is going to be the better choice.Cheers!Bryce

      • Laura
        Posted at 18 Oktober, 2013 05:04 AM Reply

        Thanks for your quick reply! I started the free trial and it's okay. The new Yaeger portal seems a little easier to follow? There's a lot going on in the home screen and tricky to know where all I need to go. I do like that they are offering the Wiley test bank with their bundle too. I'm just not sure I'm a good enough self studier to do well in the program :( I've been out of school for years now and I only use maybe a quarter of what the CPA exam covers in real life. I'll try looking up some more reviews... Thanks so much for all of your info! It's really been helpful :)Laura

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